The Desert

The desert is a place of beauty that attracts people from all over. The sky, an open and seemingly endless with ever changing colors with graceful purple mountains reaching up to it all around. The desert is a peaceful place to often unappreciated, it’s beauty and its music are too often ignored or unnoticed by those too busy to stop and observe, few are lucky enough to live surrounded by it.

The sky changes slowly in the early morning from a deep navy to a radiant orange and yellow and finally to a soft blue as the fierce orange sun rises slowly over the purple mountains, giving light to the desert. In the new found light the desert begins to sing its morning song as the cottontails come out to play, chasing each other around the proud saguaros standing tall casting their shadows over the rocks and dirt of the landscape. All around the desert’s music plays; the birds songs and flapping wings, the soft thump of rabbit feet, the gentle rustling of leaves, the all over peace as the desert sings of a new day. The morning song and painted sky give us hope of what is possible today.
Later as the day goes on the animals all go and hide as the sun’s rays rain down upon the rocks warming them. The shadows of the saguaros and trees grow shorter as the brilliant sun rises to the center of a pale blue sky, painted faintly with the impression of thin white clouds. A soft breeze sweeps the land and the trees sway in a gentle quiet dance. In this moment it is as though time has stopped and you are standing in a landscape painting. It is almost too peaceful and beautiful to be real, the timeless landscape standing still in a world constantly buzzing with movement.

As the sun continues its stroll across the sky it finally begins to settle itself upon the tall purple mountains, just beyond the twisted trees and cacti of the green and brown landscape. The dark shadows grow longer as the birds hurry in a flutter back to their nests after a day perched in another tree or looking for food. The sun fills the sky with colors even bolder than those at the sun’s awakening, the clouds follow the sun behind the mountain capturing the vibrant orange and cotton candy pink colors it throws across the sky, the still blue part of the sky fades from its baby blue to a light navy, slowly darkening as the pale moon becomes visible.

Nighttime in the desert is perhaps the most beautiful and under appreciated part of the day. The man in the moon looks down protectively from the deep navy and black sky dotted with a million twinkling stars seemingly infinite in number. The towering mountains stand looming in the distance, black as if they were merely shadow impressions of the mountains that stood there in the hours the sun watched the Earth. The coyotes cry in the distance and as an owl calls from a nearby tree, cleverly hidden from its prey. The nocturnal animals of the desert come out to play as the desert sings its lullaby to the creatures who sleep and will emerge in the daylight.

The desert is a beautiful and sometimes mystical place so many are denied the pleasure to see and many take for granted. The desert’s beauty is not restricted by the skyscrapers, crowded streets, smog, and light pollution like the city. In the desert the tallest monuments are the towering, unmovable mountains all around, the land is crowded with animals, saguaros, and various other plants and cacti. The air is clear and clean, and the stars dance in the night sky shining bright like small fragments of the sun. The dessert slowly is growing smaller as I grow older and the cities expand, it is disappearing, soon there won’t be much left to appreciate and only then will people realize what they missed. While it is still there people must realize the sheer beauty of the desert, of its plentiful wildlife, vibrant colors, and songs of peace. The desert is most always a place of silence and peace, if you only stop for a moment to appreciate it like I have.


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