Nothing ever works the way I plan it in my head…

Friday was my last official day of high school and I gave all my teachers presents to say thanks and goodbye. My math teacher got hers on Wednesday and on Thursday decided that when the class was completely full was the time to bring it up and say thanks.

I sit in the front so I don’t know if everyone saw but it felt like they did, she thanked me briefly for the gift while she was cleaning the board and was watching me for a response and in my head I responded with “you’re welcome, I’m glad you liked it. You’ve done a lot for me this year and I just really thought you deserved a thank you present for all your hard work”

I’m really awkward and anxious though so  with light twenty kids in the room all I could manage to say was a weirdly surprised and horrified sounding “Oh?” Like she was telling me I’d done something I didn’t remember doing and I was surprised. Social situations are always better in my head.



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