Just a story I wanted to share: Last night was my Senior Memory Night and since my principal couldn’t be there he recorded a message for the seniors that included the statement “… the name (my high school’s name) is synonymous with success…” and without meaning to  I made a face at him like “are you crazy?” because literally everyone knows that CHMS is a south side ghetto school with low graduation rates and a lot of students too high to function half the time. You say CHMS and people automatically think you’re probably in a gang. The only school with a worse reputation is our rival school and we aren’t allowed to even socialize together because at last year’s football game everyone was fist fighting more than anything and they had to call it a draw and end the game. A woman who graduated from that school years ago was almost booed off the stage last night before she could present an award. It’s stupid but that’s what my school is like. I’m sorry but when you think CHMS you don’t  think of our finest the education system has to offer, you think juvenile detention center overflow.


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