Anxiety Sucks

Having anxiety is really bad, it drives me crazy that a lot of people just don’t understand that I simply can’t do certain things they can without panicking.

For example I cant:

  • Eat in public.
  • Speak louder than a whisper in public.
  • Take pictures in front of people I don’t know REALLY well.
  • Talk with strangers.
  • Order food.
  • Answer a question asked by a stranger.
  • Accept praise or thanks.
  • Get a drink.
  • Get up/sit down first.
  • Start a conversation with a stranger or even just say “bless you” when they sneeze.
  • Try something on in the store (shoes, sunglasses, jackets, etc).
  • Ask for help/directions from a stranger.

There are so many things that people don’t think are a big deal but when you can hear your heart racing, feel everyone sizing you up, feel all the judgment they may or may not be passing, and are running through every possible “what if-” in your head those things are impossibly difficult.

Don’t laugh because someone gets tongue tied and shakes when they have to do something that seems easy to you. Don’t roll your eyes and tell them they’re being ridiculous. Don’t be cruel because what’s nothing to you is a difficult battle for them. Don’t be judgmental and treat them how they’re worried you will, tell them its okay and help them.



    1. I’ve considered it, I’ve actually done some acting in improv skits but only with people I knew really well and in front of a camera. I’m trying to work on it but its not easy, I was shy when I was really little and out grew it but it’s not exactly the same as anxiety.


      1. That’s true, I know that from my own experience. I found that exposing myself to the acute agony of stage fright – never goes away – helped with the free-floating kind.


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