Racism on Buzzfeed

I’m sure you’ve heard of Buzzfeed, their videos and articles are plastered all over the internet. They’re most popular for their YouTube videos and lists that actually have a tendency to be more offensive than entertaining.

A while back , Scaachi Koul, a senior staff member at Buzzfeed Canada posted on her personal Twitter account  that Buzzfeed was looking for more writers, so long as they weren’t white men. I’ve been too busy in recent months to pay much attention to recent events so I heard about this a bit late. Since hearing about it though it’s been bugging me.


Usually I avoid the topic of race as it’s a touchy subject and can be a dangerous subject to tackle. The only reason I wanted to talk about this is because I’ve grown tired of Buzzfeed’s racist topics and behavior. Buzzfeed  often uses race as a topic and they’ve gotten in trouble for it before. The video “27 Questions Black People Have for Black People” caused quite the stink in April for example.


I’ve seen a lot of Buzzfeed’s race related content but for this post I looked at their website again and actually found a “White People” subject page where I found articles and videos like:

“21 Things White People Ruined in 2015” by Perdro Fequiere

“26 Questions Asians have for White People”

“If Latinos said The Stuff  White People Say”

“22 Reasons White People Shouldn’t be Allowed to Name Children”

Among other things.


Buzzfeed has plenty of content about other races too and I’m not saying they aren’t just as offensive but I mostly wanted to talk about this “no white men” thing. That’s clear discrimination against white men and from an employee who has publically made racist comments about white people before.


Scaachi Koul did say that white men could still send in pitches and she would read them but she made it clear in the same tweet  that she didn’t want them to. Her personal account was later deleted but screenshots of the tweets are still around for viewing.


I’m getting tired of Buzzfeed’s racism and have decided to never look at anything they put out ever again. Racism against anyone makes me sick and to think these people use it as a go-to topic for much of their content disgusts me. How are we supposed to make the world a better place for future generations if we keep allowing racism to go on?


Buzzfeed as a whole has put out a lot of racist things, it’s not just this one disgraceful incident from a Buzzfeed Canada employee. If it was only a few employees and one or two incidents we could say the company needs to take care of it and then let it go, however its multiple employees and a lot of offensive content based on race.


Personally I’m tired of the offensive content and hearing the things that one of the senior staff of Buzzfeed Canada had to say while representing the company was the last straw.  It’s not my place to tell other people never to look at what Buzzfeed produces again and I won’t do that. I do however believe this needs to be brought to people’s attention. Buzzfeed produces a lot of racially offensive content and now Buzzfeed Canada has publicly shown blatant discrimination against job applicants.

In the end it’s the decision of the individual to decide whether or not to continue reading/watching Buzzfeed’s content so I won’t tell anyone what I think they should do, as I said its your right to view whatever you choose.


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