I’m back

Hey there people of the internet! If you’ve visited before you may have noticed that this blog has sat seemingly abandoned for many months now, I’m SO SORRY. I haven’t  abandoned this humble little blog with the three people who have so kindly followed me (I’m not just saying this, I’m REALLY grateful to those people). What’s happened is that unfortunately my computer completely crashed and I am not in the financial situation where I can afford to replace my computer quickly after a crash. Luckily I have a new laptop and will be able to post more frequently now. In short, The Blogger That No One Knows has returned and intends to begin posting as often as possible.

I’ll be posting at least 1-2 times a week from now on, mostly at night my time (pacific time zone) as I work 5:45 am-6 am Mon-Fri and every other Sunday although I may be able to post mid-day during lunch from time to time.

To summarize,

I’m REALLY sorry I’ve been gone, I’m back (and I have 1 year free computer fixing on this laptop should it break) and I’ll be trying to post a bare minimum of once or twice a week from now on.

Thanks for your patience and for reading,  I promise to have new content up soon (maybe even tonight!)



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