via Daily Prompt: Recognize

Too many people fail to recognize the most important things about themselves. You see it too often, people at one end of the spectrum or the other recognizing only part of themselves; people refusing to acknowledge their flaws, insisting they’re perfect while others fail to recognize their strengths, insisting they’re worthless.

Failure to recognize  the good and the bad in yourself can lead to may problems. Analyzing yourself with the eyes of another allows you to see yourself for who you truly are, allows you to recognize both your strengths and weaknesses.

We can never truly know ourselves until we are willing to acknowledge the things about us that are not perfect while at the same time acknowledging what about us is wonderful. Until we are able to balance the good and bad in ourselves we will never fully recognize our full potential, we may not even fully recognize the person staring back at us in the mirror. After all how can you recognize something  so obvious if half of the image is hidden or left ignored? Failure to recognize both where you rise and where you fall causes the failure to recognize yourself and that is perhaps the saddest thing a person can do, never allow themselves to exist freely. To be truly happy you must first learn to recognize who you are, faults, perfections and all.

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