Every individual has a voice. To use that voice is a privilege not to be taken lightly and to be one of the few voices truly heard in the crowd is an honor. We spend our whole lives wanting to be heard, to be understood. With so many  voices shouting many are often left drowned out, their voices becoming like static, only heard by the few willing to strain to listen.

How many great voices are left unheard? How many of us have truly taken the time to listen and seek out the voices around us that are telling us something? It can be easy in a quest to be heard to forget to stop and listen for voices softer than your own. We forget that the most important thoughts often begin as whispers and are heard only by those willing to listen, for those whispers to make any sort of difference they had to turn to collective shouts. But what if no one listened when they were mere whispers of thought?

Everyone wants to be heard, but too many fail to realize that an endless mass of everyone shouting leaves no one to hear what anyone is saying. We have to stop, place being heard ourselves to side every so often and listen, or no ones voice can ever be heard. To be heard, we must first learn the importance of silence, of giving others a chance to speak while we simply listen.




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