I’m Afraid for My Generation

I try to not be political online because honestly, I’m afraid someone who lives near me will see it and literally murder me (in my neighborhood this is an actual possibility) so I’m going to keep my personal political views out of this.

Before we start I should state that despite not being very publicly vocal about my political views I do keep myself very informed on the latest on goings of the world spending hours a day looking at different credited news media outlets gathering information as well as listening to debates on hot issues to hear both sides opinions, in other words, I like to try to be informed. As for my political involvement on issues, I tend to handle any letters to senators, voting and such without anyone I know knowing my opinion.

I’ve noticed that I’m not the only person my age getting involved in political affairs, far from it, it seems like half of my generation has taken on a large part of political problems to try to fix. This is not what scares me, honestly I think it’s great when young people (you know the future of our world) try to get involved in things that will impact our future. What terrifies me is how easily I’m seeing some of them being debunked and how when interviewed many don’t have a clue what they believe, they just know its not popular to disagree with the group  they’ve decided to join.

I’ve been seeing a lot lately people in my generation fighting for political views that they either a) are completely or at least mostly uninformed about, b) they don’t understand, or c) they don’t actually believe what they’re saying they just want to join in on the conversation.

I’m more than willing to hear an argument that I don’t agree with, however I’m not willing to listen to someone who doesn’t have their facts straight. I’m worried about the impact these people are going to have on the future by fighting to make changes or do things that they don’t understand.

I know every generation has a large group that speaks out about something that’s always been, we need this sometimes to grow as a civilization, we can’t live like it’s 1884 and expect things to be great for everyone. We need change, old ideals sometimes have to be called out and changed but you can’t go altering the world we live in without first understanding your problems with the current state and what your ultimate goal is and the impact it will have on the future.

I’m seeing my generation fighting for both conservative and liberal ideologies everyday and everyday I see too many for comfort being effortlessly debunked (on both sides). I’m worried that my generation is full of people who refuse to look at the facts or just don’t want to. How else could they be so uninformed?

My belief has always been that if you can’t support your opinion with evidence from at least three different reliable sources your argument isn’t that strong. If you can’t give your opinion and explain WHY you believe that I don’t think you know what your talking about. For example, if you’re going to say you’re against something don’t just say “I don’t like it” and expect to convince me you’re right.

I hear way too many arguments going long the lines of:

“what’s your stance on ____?”

“I think it’s extremely important”

“And why is that? Why do you think that we need to ___?”

*stunned/confused silence* or “because it’s important and we should”

That is not an argument, it’s an opinion given as a statement.


I know that as my generation grows up they’ll start looking into forming their arguments better, I just hope they learn to do this before they do something that damages us forever.

Please, before you go around saying you believe this or that be sure you have facts to support your argument, don’t shut down opposing arguments, and please be ready to respectfully discuss your opinion. If you put your ideas out there, you’d better be prepared to listen to the opposition and defend your stance politely and with accurate information.

I encourage everyone to get involved with their views, if you want a change in this world you have to make it after all. Just remember no one is going to take you seriously if you can’t be a respectable debater with facts to back you up and a solid argument. Calling someone an idiot or a bigot isn’t going to convince them that you’re right, a calm and rational exchanging of ideas and evidence just might.

I hope more of my generation realizes this before they go sharing their political ideas on the internet and TV again. Too many interviews with uninformed or uncertain millennials at political events can really hurt your cause.

I’m not saying that every young person voicing their opinions is uninformed but it seems like the past few months with political tensions being so high both sides have produced a lot of confused youths speaking out. When the majority of the people my age I see being interviewed on their beliefs main argument is “I feel this way about this because F___ you” or  “I believe it because I do” and a lot of them stumble and utter something that doesn’t really answer the question, I can’t help but worry for the future.

If you don’t know why you’re showing support for something, maybe you shouldn’t be supporting it. After all if I said almost 400 children die every year because they inhaled too much dihydrogen monoxide and I wanted you to help make the substance illegal would you? Or would you do a quick internet search or ask a professional what it was? If you went in uninformed you’d be signing on to make water illegal. This is why you should always do research before forming an opinion, in this example a alternative belief you could have to banning water is simply making water safety something more people are aware of.

My point, in short, don’t get involved if you don’t know what’s being talked about and what the effects could be.  My generation worries me with this because I know a lot of people would jump on the “ban dihydrogen monoxide and save our children” bandwagon without even understanding what the consequences could be. I’m truly worried about the impact my generation could make if more people don’t start actually looking into what they say they believe before getting on camera to defend it and voting/protesting/etc. over it.

I’m sorry to get so political on here, I know everyone’s probably really sick and tired of hearing all the fighting going on with it. I just felt like this really needed to be said, as I said above I just really want to see my generation (both those whom I agree and disagree with) making more informed arguments because it’s making every young person seem uncreditable and uninformed.

Not that it really matters but I feel like I should probably share this one bit of my political views so I won’t get too many people mad at me (I hope). I’m not a conservative or a liberal, I’m pretty split down the middle agreeing and disagreeing with both sides, when I registered to vote I picked to be an Independent for this reason (so please don’t assume I’m on a side you oppose and attack me, although anyone willing to politely share their opinions and tell me they disagree is, as always, more than welcome to do so. I’m willing to listen and if you’d like discuss another side to this opinion if you have one).


Thanks for reading, I know it was long and everyone is tired of all the political drama so I appreciate  the patience. As I said in the beginning, I normally don’t discuss politics online so this kind of post won’t be too common but I really do appreciate you taking the time to read this one. Thanks again!




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