Pedophilia Defenders: What’s Happened to This World?

Lately I’ve been seeing something that turns my stomach to no end and I CAN NOT keep quiet about this. There are some people calling for the normalization and even LEGALIZATION of pedophilia in the West and I can’t not address this. I’m warning everyone now that this is going to have strong language to say the least. Also I’ve never had to say this before but TRIGGER WARNING (see title).

As of late I’ve seen online people, no self proclaimed pedophiles, writing about and making videos about how it’s not wrong to think about having “sex” with  prepubescent children. I put sex in quotes because that’s what they call it but any sane person knows a fucking toddler can’t give consent and therefore its RAPE plan and simple. Some of these people are claiming its just another sexuality like being gay. Its NOTHING like being gay, whatever your stance is on homosexuality you have to admit its at the very least CONSENTUAL.

I just watched a video on YouTube (I’ll link it) that’s all about this where a sick bastard defends wanting to have sexual relationships with children. I almost vomited watching it, had to go outside to calm down and I’m STILL shaking with rage.

I work at a daycare, I can’t help picturing all my babies there being near someone like that. I just cant stand the idea of a sick fucker like that being allowed near children. He thinks its okay to touch children. He wants having sex with children to be legal. He’s trying to rationalize pedophilia. This pisses me off to no end. I can’t even begin to explain the rage this man has caused.

I love the kids in my daycare, I’d die to protect them and this mother fucking son of a bitch wants to RAPE kids their age. The worst part is that there’s nothing anyone can do to stop this shit. If he doesn’t actually get caught raping/molesting a child he can’t be touched by the law.

All I can do is do what a lot of people have been, spread this information. I couldn’t just see this and NOT share it. This needs to be seen by everyone, this needs to be made aware of and it needs to be stopped somehow. What ever happened to protecting our children? What happened to letting children be children?

People like this need help. They need to be put somewhere they can’t be near children, God bless any child near them and I pray that they never have children of their own. The only thing keeping my faith in humanity alive is that only 30 something people liked the video opposed to thousands of dislikes as of writing this.

I’ve noticed this shit being talked about a lot, people defending people who rape babies. The kids I work with don’t know what any of that shit is that he wants legalized, the youngest has a vocabulary of seven words. In the video he suggests that he prefers toddlers, saying they’re “the best.” It’s the most repulsive thing I’ve seen in my entire ;life and I hope to God he never gets an innocent child alone, although the possibility of it happening is still there.  At the very least maybe enough people will see his face and know to keep kids away from him.

This video will ruin your day and put you in a bad mood but if you want to see for yourself what I’m ranting about and why I’m so pissed you can see it on YouTube (link below).

I normally don’t even consider asking people to share anything of mine, but I want this man’s face out there. I want the world to recognize him as a pedophile and keep kids away from him. I also want people to be made aware of the fact that pedophiles are outing themselves now and trying to gain sympathy, thankfully there aren’t enough of them to make age of consent laws disappear. This is important and people need to know this is happening. Please at least spread this video, yes he’ll get a lot of views but he’s not being paid for them and his face will be out there. The last thing I want is for him to babysit the child of  parent who didn’t know this video was out there. In the description of his video it says part one of three, I can’t even look at him another second and I think I got his point pretty well so I’m not watching them. The fact that there are three parts makes it even more disturbing.

Thanks for reading, apologizes for the language and any grammar mistakes I’m furious and I don’t think I can even proof read this right now.

Here’s the bastard’s video:

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