Doubt – The Killer of Dreams

Everyone has things that they aspire to do, we all have our hopes and dreams and I firmly believe they can and do come true if nurtured and allowed to survive. Many dreams fall victim to  doubt. Doubt from others and self doubt can cause a dream to seem foolish or even just a waste of time. Once you allow doubt to infect your aspirations it becomes harder and harder to achieve them and, in many cases, it causes the dream to wither up and die.

If you allow doubt to have power over you, you may end up dissatisfied and living with a lot of regrets and “what ifs.” Overcoming doubt is possibly the greatest challenge faced when trying to achieve your dreams, although it is an inevitable obstacle. At some point we all are going to look at our lives and what we aspire to do with them and question how realistic we’re being or wonder if those who doubt us are correct.

The key is not to let this mindset stay for long, there comes a time when you have to push past it and remember crazier things have happened. If we allow self doubt to stand between us and the things we want to do/become we are effectively allowing our dreams to die and causing our own unhappiness. It’s completely normal to have feelings of doubt, especially when it comes to dreams, but in order to achieve our goals we must first overcome our own self doubt and not allow others doubt effect us negatively. Any dream, no matter how crazy it may seem is possible when you stop doubting yourself and take action to achieve it.




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