Well I WAS going to bed and then I remembered that it’s 12:28 am, meaning the a day without women protest has officially started! That’s right, the protest calling for immigrants not to go to work was SO effective that feminists have taken up the movement.

I’m sorry but this has to be the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. You organizers do know that a lot of immigrants were FIRED for not going to work right? They tried to show the country how they couldn’t be replaced and they were fired and replaced in a hot second. WHY ARE YOU COPYING THEM? Personally I’d like to keep my job so clearly I’m not participating in something this stupid.

It calls for women who can to “take a day off from paid and unpaid work” which includes taking care of children. That’s right, don’t be  a mom for the day, leave it to your husband to explain to your two year old why you aren’t being a good mother and left parenting completely up to him. You’re supposed to co-parent, leave your kids out of this. (If you can’t take the day off you can just wear red.)

I’m sorry but I can’t take this seriously, I don’t like it, and I think it’s dumb and pointless. How is missing work going to prove a point? There are more men than women that effect the economy, they still are working/spending/etc. I’m going to work, I’m keeping up on my blog, and I’m wearing blue to protest this stupid protest. If you’re going to protest for women, protest for the ones that need it in a way that will help. I don’t see how not going to work and wearing red is going to help anything.

I’m just going to leave these links here, do with them what you please. I highly encourage checking the out before forming an opinion.

Official FAQ page:


Official Site:


MTV News Video:


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