Childhood Works #1: Untitled Poetry from Childhood

I recently began getting my old notebooks ready for storage so I’ve been reading things that I wrote anytime between ages 10-15. It’s been pretty hit and miss but I’ve decided to post a few things before they are shoved into a box for the next thirty years.

Here are two I found scribbled on the page of my 8th grade notebook:






 Enter your life.

There’s a four letter word out there: LOVE. Definition: Letting other people vaguely enter your life.

Price: Possible (98.9% chance) of heartache and break.”









They aren’t very good but hey, I was only thirteen and this was never my strongest area for writing.  It just brought back some memories of being younger and I thought it was kind of cool to see the evolution of my writing while at the same time remembering what was going on in my life then. I’ll most likely be posting a bit more of my old writings if I find anything I think is worth typing up for what ever reason.


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