Childhood Works #2: 8th Grade Poem

I wasn’t very good at poetry as a kid, even now I don’t write it often but I found this while sorting my old notebooks and thought I’d share it.

You break my heart again,

every single day.

To you this is just a game.

I’m crying now,

because my heart still screams your name.


You say you love me,

yet you’re talking to her.

You say your words with such confidence,

but do you mean them?


Did you hear that noise?

That’s my heart breaking,

now as it’s broken.


It’s screaming your name.


But do you even care?

Because my heart is broken.

Do you even care?


Do you even care,

that every shattered piece is speaking?

Every shattered piece is crying,

every piece screams to you.


Do you even care,

That my heart is screaming?

That it screams your name?

That I’m dying inside?


I smile at you

to hide these tears,

but you don’t care do you?

No, I don’t think so.

No, I don’t think so.





It’s so bad! Some of the things I’m finding are so cringe worthy I’m not going to post them because they’re that bad. I’m having fun doing this with my old writing, no one but me has ever seen these so it’s actually pretty fun to finally share them all these years later, if you liked this keep checking back in for more because I’ll defiantly be putting more up.

Thanks for reading!




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