What to Know Before Raising Minimum Wage

For the love of everything good and pure in the universe please stop raising minimum wage, it’s seriously hurting the poor people in my state. In high school I was required to take an economics class and one of the first things I learned was about minimum wage and the correlation between it and the cost of living.

In other words; when you raise minimum wage, prices increase for almost everything.

My state has recently voted to and raised minimum wage setting it to rise over the next few years to $15 an hour. I was able to convince some people I know to vote against it but to no avail, and now we’re suffering for it.

Many of the people I know who voted for minimum wage to increase did it to “help the poor people trying to live on $8.50 and hour and their families” its a nice thought, a decision based in good intentions, but not logical.

As minimum wage increases companies not only have to raise the prices of their products to make profit but also have to let go of some employees as it now costs too much to employ so many people.

In the past few weeks multiple of people I know, including two parents of children from the daycare I’m employed with and my father, were laid off because of this. Minimum wage was raised by people hoping to help the people like my family, but they’ve hurt us greatly.

There is a very good chance we will lose our home. There is a very good chance that we’ll lose everything. Frankly I’m pretty worried.

I’m currently looking for a second job because right now we have to feed a family of three and pay bills with about $100 a week and it could get worse to make that only $84 a week very soon.

I know that minimum wage was on a lot of ballots in different states this last election season and it’s too late for many to read this, but I want people to realize this now before more places fall into this hole. Raising minimum wage doesn’t help the poor it hurts them. I wish I’d posted this sooner than this, maybe my family wouldn’t be at risk of losing everything if I had. Maybe more people would have known the downside to raising minimum wage.

There’s no point in crying over spilled milk now but I hope hearing this will encourage others to vote against raising minimum wage in the future.

Thanks for reading,



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