For my Future Child, from Your Mom at 18: #1 Your Story

The ones you once couldn’t live without become the strangers you vaguely recognize,

Best friends turn into shadows of who they were or turn to enemies,

You find your common ground with enemies and some become your best friends,

What was thought to be a curse often turns out to be a blessing,

Some “blessings” turn out to be a curse.


Little moments become powerful memories, cherished forever.

What felt like the end of the world becomes a distant memory, fading with time.


The trusted become your betrayers,

Those you don’t trust turn into your best allies,

The one’s you can’t stand become those you can’t imagine life without.

Those you couldn’t imagine life without become those you can’t stand.


The sun rises and sets,

The tide comes in and retreats,

The world keeps spinning,

Beautiful things appear and disappear every moment,

and life goes on,

It’s all just a part of growing up.


It’s crazy,

It’s boring,

It’s exciting,

It’s disastrous and will pull you apart,

It’s miraculous and will teach you to put yourself together.

It’s pain and it’s bliss,

It’s anything but easy,

but it’s yours.


Your life,

Your memories,

Your love and hate,

Your laughter and tears,

It’s beautiful and terrifying,

but it belongs to you.


It’s your story to write,

So write it well,

Write a unforgettable adventure after adventure.

Write a story you’ll be proud to have told when it’s over.

It’s all up to you,

You’ve got one chance,

Be sure not to waste a single moment of it.


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