I’m a simple country girl, I always have been but I never once expected I always would be. I always knew someday I’d live in the city, that I’d be writing and going to school. Exciting new horizons for the future. I never considered that the city would come to me, never dreamed that it would be so soon.

I don’t get out much, but today as a rare treat I did and I got to see what’s going on a few miles up the road. I didn’t like what I saw, the construction began a while back but… oh boy. They put in a canal, they’re putting 3 roundabouts on my road and widening the road so much it looks like a freeway. We live miles from the city limits, there’s nothing but ranches and trailers out here, we have a handful of small stores but nothing so… city like. That’s going to change. Rumor has it we’re getting a huge shopping center, two new housing complexes, and possibly a lake.

It’s not that I’m small minded and don’t like change, I just really love my area because it ISN’T the city. We have stars, deer, coyotes, rabbits, birds, you name it. Not to mention the towering purple mountains, big buildings would hide those. I love going into the city, it’s like another world but I don’t want it to come to my front yard. It’s going to take time to get used to these changes.

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